A downloadable game for Windows


King Square, or "Kvarol", has been lost and needs to get back to his brother all the way up at Zelosian Plaj... but an army of angry Rones got in the way! You must get through tricky obstacles and multiple enemies to get back to your brother. Can you make it?

I failed to explain the game clearly enough in the instructions, so here's a complete list of controls:

WASD to move

Space to Jump

Shift to Run

Holding R makes a wind that pushes you further, but at the same time you have to make counter wind to stop if it gets to powerful. So use it wisely!

This is my first game maker game, by the way. I have never touched game maker before, and have recently bought it from a bundle for 15 dollars. This game will get a continuation if people like it, in color and all that, with everything improved!

If things seem off, sorry, I'm doing my last year of highschool and it was really hard for me to finish developing the game in time. I hope you enjoy anyways :)


RoyalSquared.exe 9 MB